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When indulging in richness, sin, excess (in whatever your poison of choice may be...), go all the way or not at all. Don't stop mid-way, backtrack or God Forbid, let guilt eat away at you. If you're going be consuming a casserole of cheesy and creamy pasta, or some egg noodles slicked with the gloss of lard and oily chilli sambal, or a huge slice of cake that’s smothered with frosting - eat it all, then bask in the satisfaction (maybe some smugness?) and joy it all brings! Don’t allow a good thing to be sullied by something silly like... guilt. 🤪

Mayo Slapped Grilled Cheese.
Leftover truffle-anything can be put to use here, the key is to be generous in both truffle & cheese, two strong and rich parties. I had leftover truffle paste lying around but it’s totally optional. You can also make a grilled cheese a la Ruth Reichl with tons of minced alliums and melty cheese!

I don't want to be the sort of person who tells you how much truffle or cheese you should be using in your meals... So this is more an idea/guide. Yes, use whatever you like in the amounts your heart truly desires. You know...


  • 2 slices of thick, good quality white bread

  • 1 Tablespoon of mayonnaise (I use kewpie)

  • 1 Tablespoon of your favourite spreadable butter

  • Truffle Paste

  • Brie Cheese, sliced


  • First, spread the mayo evenly on one side of the bread. We will be toasting this, mayo-side down. So after spreading, flip it over on your cutting board or work surface. On one slice of bread, spread your truffle paste over it, generously and evenly. On the other, butter it well. Then top with slices of brie cheese. Conjoin both sides together and give them a good squish. My toasting armour of choice is a good pan and a wide spatula. Heat your pan up over low-ish heat. You don't have to oil or grease the pan - the mayonnaise on the surface of the bread will provide sufficient lubrication already. You also don't want the heat too high cause (surely) you want the brie cheese melted, gooey and all sorts of (food) porn-y, before your bread turns a shade too dark. You know the drill from here.. Grill, flip, slice and serve! Have fun! 😉

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