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Halloween Hand “Scare-cuterie” Board

“Why so Scary One!!” – exclaimed my mum when she came over to my filming table. Hahahaha This was SO much fun to put together. The idea of this “Scare-cuterie” Halloween Board isn’t anything new, it’s been trending since last year or the year before. Go give a quick google. Delicately draping prosciutto di parma or iberico ham around string cheese (already shaped like our fingers) gives a …

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Viral Stuffed Crust Pizza Hack (EASY!)

Been seeing this on IG and TT, and it IS worth the hype. In just 15 minutes, you get your own generously filled, stuffed-crust pizza at home that’s crispy on the edges and gooey in the centre. Using sausages in place of string cheese for two of the edges bulks up the entire thing…