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Instant Ramen Upgrade

No prizes for guessing which country I’m currently obsessed with. :b Did not manage to eat a single Ramen dish during my (TOO SHORT) trip to Seoul recently, so I had to make this jazzed up version at home. Pork goes superbly well with kimchi but feel free to use whatever meat…


Seoul – Things to Do

Emerged from Jenny House and into the streets of Seoul after my 2-hour makeover feeling like a different person, like a transformed, dare I say, improved version of myself. After all, how often do we get to have our tresses styled and faces coloured by the very same hands that get top Korean celebrities ready for their events and shoots…


Seoul Eats

Located on the top floor (11th) of Lotte Department store is this Japanese restaurant that serves up a really special uni bowl for about SGD$50 or 50,000 won…