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Sides & Snacks, Vegetables

Spicy Korean Eggplant

Slippery slabs of eggplant (no al dente here) sop up all that highly fragrant, spicy seasoning mix – which comes together in a cinch. You’re basically just mixing up a couple of things together. The most arduous part of this recipe is probably setting up the steamer for the eggplants to steam, or…

Seafood & Meats

Soondubu Jjigae (Korean Tofu Stew)

Soondubu Jjigae usually arrives on the table all fiery red and bubbling, its contents threatening to boil over the piping hot stone bowl it’s usually served in. Its appeal, like a tall and dashing soldier (*coughs* Hyun Bin) in a K-drama series, is not hard to miss. The purity of the white, silken tofu is stained with flecks of chili oil – that glistening red sheen floating atop every well made tofu stew…

Rice, Noodles, Pasta

Instant Ramen Upgrade

No prizes for guessing which country I’m currently obsessed with. :b Did not manage to eat a single Ramen dish during my (TOO SHORT) trip to Seoul recently, so I had to make this jazzed up version at home. Pork goes superbly well with kimchi but feel free to use whatever meat…