Seoul – Things to Do

1. K-Idol Makeover at Jenny House

Emerged from Jenny House and into the streets of Seoul after my 2-hour makeover feeling like a different person, like a transformed, dare I say, improved version of myself. After all, how often do we get to have our tresses styled and faces coloured by the very same hands that get top Korean celebrities ready for their events and shoots?

This is the place where plenty of Idols, actors, and actresses get their glam on, and where their personal MUA/Hair stylist offer up their expertise as well. I booked for the 2 hour session which includes hair styling + Make up for $305 (You get $13 off if you use my discount code AROUND5OFF), and it was worth every single cent! You basically show them a picture of your ideal look and they’ll try their best to emulate that for you. So get into character, pretend you’re a K-star, and surrender to this pampering experience… :b

The junior artists will first prep you and get your hair washed//base make up done, then the senior ones will step in halfway to work their magic. The lady (Hye Sun) doing my make up truly has the Midas touch – she does everything with such ease and professionalism that you’ll feel so comforted to be in her hands too. Hahahaha It’s also such an eye-opener to see how the celebrities here really get their beauty and glam done.

Note: There’s various options to choose from in the link below too. e.g. Headspa, perm, hair cut…

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2. Colour Analysis 

Did you know that the colour of your clothes can impact the way you look? Like REALLY impact it – not just in a way where you look like a froufrou Barbie girl in a Bimbo world, or if you look like you’re about to Lean In in the boardroom while donning your powersuits. Choosing the right colours for your skin tone can brighten and even out your face, causing your features to pop, while the wrong shades can make you look grey, uneven, and patchy!

In this class that my friend signed us up for in Gangnam, you’ll learn about the different types of “Seasons” and skin tones, then Suzie (the owner), will use a device to determine what your personal colour tone is. With that figured out, she’ll recommend the colours that best suit you for clothes, make-up and accessories. I learned that I’m a winter cool with reddish undertones, so it’s best for me to avoid warm make-up like coral and orange. 

Then she does something called “wrapping”, where she places you in front of a mirror and holds up cloths of various colours so you’ll be able to see how they directly impact your look. Another factor to consider when clothes shopping next time!

Youtube Video for more on Color Analysis:

3) Shopping

Conscientiously Constructed pop-up stores will grab your attention as you’re strolling around the neighbourhoods of Seoul – what looks like a regular mart may, in fact, be a pop-up for a brand’s marketing campaign, replete with their own specially curated soda pop, cereals, and even a faux lottery ticket dispensing machine. No tiny detail is left unturned. Their actual shops are also artfully designed and usually multi-storeyed affairs, from posh to whimsical to hipster, you’re in for a real trip exploring each level and their offerings. It’s truly impossible to finish shopping in Seoul.

Enjoy getting immersed in the various neighbourhoods with their own distant personalities. I particularly enjoyed these areas during my brief trip: Apgujeong-dong (in Gangnam), Seongsu-Dong (where the Dior exhibition was.. slightly more hipster area), the area where Parole & Langue is located in Hongdae (it’s more interesting than the main shopping area), and Ikseondong Hanok Village. 

4) Art Exhibitions

Depending on when you’re headed to Seoul, definitely check out the art exhibitions that are currently ongoing there. While we were there this time, Dior was having its Lady Dior exhibition, and the entire shop was converted into an art gallery honouring their iconic bag, remade by renowned artists from Korea. They also have the famous art fair, “Frieze” in September. 

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