Perfectly Jammy Eggs

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These are the starting point for those marinated eggs you see topping your bowl of ramen noodles. They also instantly make any dish look more like a treat, their sunset-hued yolks teetering on the cusp of oozy and fudgy (the best of both worlds, like a Gemini!), promising to add a decadent richness to your meal. Not only do they provide visual sustenance, they actually make your meal more complete, adding a source of nutrient-dense protein to your diet. Well, as the song goes… #putanEggonIt. Okay, Beyonce…


  • Eggs

  • Ice Water


  • Bring a saucepan of water to a boil. Make sure there’s enough water to mostly submerge your eggs.
  • Immediately lower your heat down to low, bringing everything to a low slimmer.
  • Gently drop in your eggs, then set the timer for 6 minutes and 30 seconds.
  • Once your timer rings, drop your eggs into a bowl of ice water, arresting further cooking and giving the eggs a chance to cool before you manhandle them.
  • Once cool, time to peel. The most tedious part of this entire process, honestly. Knock your eggs against a hard surface, or use a spoon to knock-knock all over them, until tiny cracks appear all over their surface. Gently peel your eggs. Slice and serve, et voila.


  • Fresher Eggs will be harder to peel! Just peel carefully, and try not to lose your patience (as I often have..) 

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