Halloween Hand "Scare-cuterie" Board

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"Why so Scary One!!" - exclaimed my mum when she came over to my filming table. Hahahaha This was SO much fun to put together. The idea of this "Scare-cuterie" Halloween Board isn't anything new, it's been trending since last year or the year before. Go give a quick google. Delicately draping prosciutto di parma or iberico ham around string cheese (already shaped like our fingers) gives a super realistic appearance with its raw flesh colour palette, and streaks of striated fat mimicking our sinews. It's genius. And it makes for quick, easy work for what looks like an impressive platter to bring forth to your friends. Go make this and it'll instantly get you in a festive mood! <3 Happy Halloween.


  • For the Creepy Hand
  • parchment paper

  • 200g pack of parma ham or iberico ham (or a mix of both)

  • 4 to 5 pieces of string cheese

  • A pinwheel round of cheese *See notes below

  • Brie (I used truffle brie), goat's cheese, or cream cheese (basically any mouldable soft cheese) *See notes below

  • For the rest of the cheese board
  • Dried fruits and nuts

  • Crackers (I used sourdough crackers and a fruited one)

  • Honey

  • Jam of your choice

  • Fruits (Grapes, berries)


  • For the Creepy Hand
  • You'll need parchment paper. Trace the outline of your hand there - you can do that on one side and flip to the other side to start assembling your hand. I'm more than okay to consume ink. >.< hahahhaa
  • Cut the string cheese into lengths similar to your drawn fingers. Drape slices of parma or iberico ham around each "finger" and lay it on your parchment paper mould, where the fingers are.
  • For the meaty part (your palm), if you're using a pinwheel/round cheese, just drape your slices of ham around the cheese wheel, and arrange it where your palm is. *See Notes
  • For the wrist, mould whichever soft cheese you're using into (roughly) the shape of your wrist. Similarly, drape the ham over and arrange the wrist on your board. Ta-da! You've got your creepy hand.
  • For the rest of the cheese board
  • Now, here comes the even more fun part! As if that wasn't fun enough. hahahha Just scatter around your fresh fruits, dried fruits, nuts, jams, honey, and crackers around the board - go where your hand guides. Do as your heart desires. It's YOUR creepy hand platter. Serve and have fun!


  • If you can't find a pin wheel shaped cheese, just use any mouldable soft cheese. You can, in fact, just use the same one you're using for the wrist. Just shape it into a round. You may need to chill it for it to firm up first before draping your slices of meat over.
  • To watch the recipe reels for making this, head to my instagram.

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