Goraesa Fishcake Kimchi Udon Soup Meal Kit [Frozen]

Got this frozen kimchi fishcake udon kit from RedMart thinking it’d be a great idea to stave away the Midnight Munchies instead of ordering a potentially expensive and dismal Grabmeal yet again. Ah, all my wasted money and stomach space over the years.. This gave me the nudge to take a gamble, knowing this would be 50/50 but the potential rewards of a great frozen Korean meal far outweighed any risks.

So… how did this fare? Firstly, this is brought in from Korea by Market Kurly (so maybe you’d be able to find it in Tanglin too) and the maker of this frozen udon kit is a popular fishcake store in Busan called Goreasa. And I have to say this kit came with a generous amount of fishcakes and the fishcakes are one of the best I’ve had from the Korean frozen aisle. Many times the frozen Korean Eomuk here lack that distinct qq bite and cooks down into a soggy, texture-less mass in mere moments. So on the fishcake front, this was definitely a win!

Sidenote: Not sure if it’s the same quality of fishcakes used in their physical Busan store

On to the next component, the frozen udon noodles. Chewy enough! Pass.

The final component in this meal kit is the kimchi soup – and herein lies the problem. I feel like this is one of those situations where we’re ranking a guy “oh he has all these qualities but he’s *insert major red flag*”. If it’s Jung Gi-Cheul (WI HA JUN) though, honey, I’m COLOUR BLIND then. I digress. So yes the soup is kinda diluted and more on the sour-ish side. If the soup component had more savouriness or is a little more full-bodied, this would definitely be a win.

That being said, nothing’s stopping us from adding our own ramen seasoning or using our own stock when making this frozen meal kit. How about some instant dashi bags?


NEVER AGAIN. Once bitten, twice shy.

Would purchase again. Just because.

WOULD BUY AGAIN N AGAIN in a heartbeat.

Bought it here from Redmart.

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