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Spicy Korean Eggplant

Slippery slabs of eggplant (no al dente here) sop up all that highly fragrant, spicy seasoning mix – which comes together in a cinch. You’re basically just mixing up a couple of things together. The most arduous part of this recipe is probably setting up the steamer for the eggplants to steam, or…


Soy Butter Shrooms

These are just classic, simple sautéd shrooms with tons of garlic, butter, and a touch of white wine for acidity. This time, with a touch of light soy like they do in Japan. Remember all their soy butter flavoured potato sticks and chips?! This just brings me back to all my Japan trips with friends…

Seafood & Meats, Vegetables


Tonjiru is a super comforting, hearty Japanese pork and vegetable soup that comes together in less than 30 minutes. Not too shabby a deal given that many hearty soups or stews take hours to come together. When I first posted this back in 2021…