Seafood & Meats

Seafood & Meats

Ginger Pork

I grew up eating this simple yet super tasty stir-fry, and it was a main player on our dining table’s dinner rotation. Auntie Alicia would whip up a feast for us almost nightly, and it’s a dish she eventually kept on cooking for my younger cousins too. It sounds odd considering the ginger…

Seafood & Meats

Deep Fried Laab

We were on a street food jaunt one pouring night in Bangkok, our disposable raincoats from the nearby convenience store barely keeping us dry, as we sought refuge in a North-Eastern style eatery by the roadside. Out came little tubs of hearty sticky rice, fiery vegetable-laden soups and this plate of deep fried laab meatballs…

Seafood & Meats, Vegetables


Tonjiru is a super comforting, hearty Japanese pork and vegetable soup that comes together in less than 30 minutes. Not too shabby a deal given that many hearty soups or stews take hours to come together. When I first posted this back in 2021…