Rice, Noodles, Pasta

Rice, Noodles, Pasta

Instant Ramen Upgrade

No prizes for guessing which country I’m currently obsessed with. :b Did not manage to eat a single Ramen dish during my (TOO SHORT) trip to Seoul recently, so I had to make this jazzed up version at home. Pork goes superbly well with kimchi but feel free to use whatever meat…

Rice, Noodles, Pasta, Seafood & Meats

Black Pepper Beef Udon

Glistening strands of chewy udon noodles flecked with bits of black pepper, the spice here playing a lead role with its assertive vocals ringing throughout the dish. No mere cursory grind of black pepper just because it’s there. It’s Beyonce in here, not Michelle. We want…

Rice, Noodles, Pasta

Kimchi Fried Rice

This recipe converted my kimchi-averse mum, who now suspects that she may actually be fond of the fermented vegetable. It’s honestly hard to go wrong with this. Charred rice (the perfect use for overnight rice), golden cubes of spam, the aged complexity of kimchi, umami from fish and…