Buttered Anchovy Toast (Jammy Egg Optional)

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While I was in Sydney recently, it was happenstance that I managed to catch the very captivating Nigella Lawson (my idol since young!) live at their State Theatre. And during her compelling sharing, she mentioned one of her absolute favourite things to eat -  a slice of toast, buttered so thickly you’d leave teeth marks in it, then topped with a few slivers of anchovies. There's only so much imagining a girl can do, and I'd very much like to have a bite or two or three, thank you very much. Happy to report back that this was all that’s it been made out to be, and then some. 

The jammy egg is optional and superfluous but it does bulk it up - it’s your call. Just make sure to get the best anchovies and butter you can get your paws on.


  • Bread (a rustic boule works best for this)

  • Slivers of anchovies

  • 1 garlic clove, peeled and whole

  • Unsalted Butter

  • EVOO, to taste

  • Lemon wedge


  • Slice your bread. Drizzle some Extra Virgin Olive Oil on both sides, then griddle them until they’re golden brown and very toasty.
  • Once off the heat, get yourself a (peeled) clove of garlic and use the bread as a grater, grating the garlic against the toast. Go back and forth a couple of times.
  • Take some softened, UNSALTED butter. Generously slather your toast with it. And I mean G E N E R O U S. Now’s not the time to be coy or shy.
  • Top with a few slivers of anchovies.
  • To serve, top with jammy egg and/or a wedge of lemon to cut through the salty richness.


  • After toasting your bread, let it cool just a touch. If it's too hot, your glorious butter melts into a puddle on top, and the entire thing doesn't quite have the same mouthfeel as having a mound of softened butter to sink your teeth into..

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