3 Iced Treats to try from Red Mart~

Sharing 3 of my current favourite iced treats from Red Mart lately, starting off with…

  1. Selva Pops – Thai Coconut flavour. The insides of these are like a coconut smoothie slushie on a stick, with a slightly icy texture. I love the intense coconut water flavour here! The entire coconut slushie is then enrobed in a crisp dark chocolate coating that comes with cocoa nibs for more texture. This is also plant based (and not made with cloying coconut cream – God, J’deteste non-dairy ice creams where you can only taste coconut cream) and healthy-ish, if that matters to you. Coming from someone who loves solely full-fat, full-animal, full-dairy (we humans were not designed to reach the top of the food chain to gnaw on some plant based treats…) – I really enjoyed this!

You can purchase this here. $13.90 for a box of 3 popsicles.

2. Ben & Jerry’s Sundae – Hazelnut-tin’ but Chocolate. LOVEEEE THIS! My top pick in this lot. Honestly, can’t remember the last time I acted like a fat kid and burrowed my face into a whole pint of Ben & Jerry’s but I completely lost control with this. Remember being a kid with sore throat and thinking ice-cream would cure it? No one else thought so? Okay.

This flavour comes with a whipped cream topping (like a Sundae, how fun!) that doesn’t set quite as firm as the ice cream beneath, and it’s also swirled with rivulets of chocolate-hazelnut sauce and chocolate chunks. Just look at the top, already prettier than your typical ice-cream pint. Brownie points! On to the ice-cream itself below, well, that also comes with fudge brownie chunks! Talk about over the top, decadent fun.. Told ya, this will bring you back to the good ol’ days when BNJ’s was new in Singapore and when we thought we’d be young forever… hahaha

You can purchase this here. $15.04 per pint.

3. The Ice cream & Cookie Co’s Black Sesame Mochi. This has a pretty intense sesame flavour and comes studded with chewy bits of mochi. Exceeded my expectations for a store bought pint, though I do wish it came more generously dotted with mochi bits!

You can purchase this here. $13.08 for a pint.


NEVER AGAIN. Once bitten, twice shy.

Would purchase again. Just because. (For #3)

WOULD BUY AGAIN N AGAIN in a heartbeat. (For #1 and #2)

Bought it here from Redmart.

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